“I Don’t Want To Be Married,” I Whispered.

In the mornings, I avoided the thought, when I woke on the warm side of a bed and later, as the dog scratched at the door. Breakfast, he begged. God damn – take a breath Juno, we moaned back, our faces pressed into pillows. The familiarity of our life – I wanted to preserve. To... Continue Reading →

Did you know it was over?

I shake my head. Doesn’t matter what I say though, you’ll think I did. Not true, I’m open to a new narrative. Oh please, I say – putting up my hand. You’re not above a self-serving narrative, G, no matter how ‘woke’ you are. He doesn't disagree.                         I was checked out before you proposed,... Continue Reading →

Decorative Pillows

You said "take them all" when I left, which made us both smile, through gritted teeth. Keep the couch, I offered. When you didn't respond: YOU’RE WELCOME, I enunciated. You hate this couch, you said. It reminded you we had no money. You called it the ‘cum-couch’. It belonged to college students. Of course it’s... Continue Reading →

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