Decorative Pillows

You said “take them all” when I left, which made us both smile, through gritted teeth.

Keep the couch, I offered.

When you didn’t respond:

YOU’RE WELCOME, I enunciated.

You hate this couch, you said. It reminded you we had no money. You called it the ‘cum-couch’.

It belonged to college students. Of course it’s a cum-couch.

You grinned. But a $30 cum-couch at that.

I looked away. I didn’t hate the couch, once we had it. I hated that you fought me on the pillows.

Decorative pillows are unnecessary.

You were just broke and fighting me on everything.

So, it was the decorative pillows that reminded you we had no money?

I stick one of the pillows, burnt orange with tassles, into a brown cardboard box.

It was everything at the end.

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