You gonna marry him? You asked in 2015.

Why do you ask?

I always knew you’d marry a yuppie. 

Do you even know what that means? Yuppie. you’ve said it for years and I still have no idea what you mean. Fucking yuppie, what is it anyway.

Just a yuppie, he says. 

And what are you, then. How you get off thinking you’re any different.

I’m not that, he says. I don’t have the money. And we pay to keep our people healthy in Germany.

You seem to be doing alright for yourself.

I work hard.

He does too.

For his Dad?

Not for his Dad.

For some brown-noser that knows him?

You get connections, you use them. That’s life.

Wish it was that easy for everyone.

I sigh.

Come back to America then, I wanted to say, but didn’t:

And maybe I won’t marry a Yuppie.

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